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Content Management


If you are an SME with a small team of staff and a hectic work schedule, writing content will not be on your list of priorities.  With an ever-growing digital world, it is hard to ignore the fact that being active on your own website and social media is crucial for your brand positioning.

Your Online Presence

Digital marketing requires systematic updates that will be a healthy blend of entertainment, updates, education and inspiration across your channels.

Google My Business, your website, your social media profiles and blog all have various roles to play in creating brand awareness, generating leads, engaging interested new customers and converting to sales.    To achieve these objectives, your messaging needs to be aligned with your target audience, using language and a tone of voice they can identify with, whilst demonstrating the benefits your products and services will give them.

Our experience of writing for many different sectors means we can deliver a first-class service to you, freeing up your resources to concentrate on your core operations.

Social Media

Ideally you will have sole operational control of your own social media platforms in order to be fully responsive to your customers, but we can provide regular editorial that can be dovetailed into your feeds to educate, inform and inspire your readers.

We have cutting edge knowledge of digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, so can write effectively for your audience and the search engines. Over time this will give your business a strong organic reach online which also builds trust with your customers.

Offline Collaterol

You may still invest in offline collateral such as flyers, brochures, menus, fact sheets, we can liaise with graphic designers to ensure that you present a cohesive consistent value proposition throughout your literature.


Citations are a key strategy in building your organic optimisation through listing your business on various online directories.  This must be managed carefully, slowly building up a database of entries, ensuring that the directories are reputable to comply with anti-spam regulations.  We can manage this on your behalf and provide monthly updates.  We also have a directory that you can advertise on if you are a business based in Wigan and Leigh.

Let’s get started building your online visibility, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Have a question about content?  It may already be answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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