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The Wigan Directory is a promotional site for local businesses and performers across Wigan and Leigh.  We are passionate about local news, events and the many wonderful talents that the Borough has to offer.


As a small independent business or performer in Wigan, you will want to maximise your online presence to make sure you are found in the search engines.


How our Wigan Directory boosts your local visibility


Search Engine Optimisation is how you present your products and services to local customers through your online channels.


How high you perform in the search results is based on signals the search engines use to gather information about your business.  This data will come from your website, Google My Business listing, social profiles pages and links to external quality local websites and directories.


Wigan Directory offers you a very detailed basic profile listing.  Your entry can host all media including video, audio, photographs, pdfs, special offers, updates and the valuable external link to your website and social media.  For the enhanced listings we will offer blogs, interviews and podcasts.


The directory offers rich content opportunities that surpass any other platform, whilst linking into Wigan and local events, making us a credible and relevant source for the search engines.  We also produce our own content with news, events and reports from around Wigan, making us a valuable platform for the local community.


You can also take bookings through the directory and we take no commission.


Advertising Packages

We offer 2 simple annual subscriptions

Orwell £99

The basic listing which will give you a picture and a brief description, a gallery of up to 10 photographs, a link to your website and social profiles, and your location on the map.  It will also provide you with the facility to add special offers and updates.

Go one bigger with Uncle Joe £149

Same as basic package, with the addition of a gallery of 20 photographs, your video integration, 1 x interview for audio advertising on Wigan Indie Radio, or a blog.



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