Every month at The Baliff bar at The Old Courts, Wigan, a classic album is reviewed by professional audio engineer Haden Boardman, followed by a critique from Jazz band Pretty Standard.

How wonderful is that and this month on Wednesday 21st August the album is ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.’. Elton John’s 1973 masterpiece that broke the back of the American charts, selling 30 million records world wide. Now we know how he paid for the suits and flowers, good man Elton!

Classic tracks ‘Candle In The Wind’ and ‘Saturday Nights’ Alright’ were recorded at an idyllic chateau in France and played by every household with a record player every since.
 Lyrical and musically a gift from the heavens, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road will be played in full on the night.

In addition listeners can bring their own vinyl and play it on a superb vinyl and horn speaker sound system. Hearing your records on quality equipment (Technics SP10 broadcast deck for you techi types) will be a night to remember so get their early.

Check this, the night is FREE ENTRY…FAB!

Plan For The Night

  • 7 pm entry, bring your vinyl

  • 8 pm Album play ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’, informal discussion and chat.

  •  Critique from house band, Pretty Standard Jazz musicians

  • Technics SP10 turntable, Valve Powered Hi-Fi Horn Sound System

  • Jam with great musicians


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