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Enabling you to manage your own online presence

Positive Sales and Marketing's ethos is to encourage accommodation owners across the UK to confidently take control of their own online marketing. Through our online courses, website development and content writing services we not only provide more effective ways for you to build your brand; we train you to develop your confidence in understanding online marketing. We are happy to write regular content should you require this service, but ulitimately, we are keen to get you highly visible through a web presence, our self catering and hotel directories and Google My Business. This strategy will help you move away from commission based third party booking sites to deal more directly with your guests.

Content Writing

The good news is we love writing, chances are you don't, or are more likely pushed for time. Whether it's your blogs, brochures, web copy, online advertising, we are happy to help you plan a strategy and select the wording that will allow you to communicate more effectively with your guests. How you describe your property, services and local area will be the key to converting sales. We can also assist you in developing more targeted campaigns.

Content Writing

Website Design

Having your own website in the hospitality sector is crucial. It gives your customers specific information about you, allows you to bring your brand and personality to life and become a hub of interesting news and stories. Many hotels, self catering accommodation providers and guest house owners rely on third party websites and social media pages, but this puts the power to reach your potential clients firmly into other companies' hands. It also depletes your potential revenue. Find out why having a website is nothing to fear, doesn't cost the earth and is easy to maintain...

Web Design

Online Marketing Courses

The thought of marketing your accommodation online can feel overwhelming. If you have never managed a website or are new to social media you may not feel confident in using these methods. We have developed a short 6 hour course, delivered online, to educate you on how these platforms can help you reach potential guests and take direct bookings. We will also show you how to plan and deliver online campaigns without it taking over your life.

Online Marketing Courses

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