Frequently Asked Questions


I need a website for my business, how long will it take and how much will it cost?

Positive Sales and Marketing develops brochure websites for service-based businesses.

The standard pages required are

  • Home Page
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Contact Us
  • Blog Page
  • Testimonials feature
  • And one page for each service that is offered

Assuming there are four services pages, the cost of the basic brochure website will be from £500

The website is built using WordPress and it is advised that a professional theme is used for a more bespoke look that ties in with your corporate branding.  There are many themes to choose from and the price of the website build will not include the price of the theme, this will be billed for separately.

If you require an E-Commerce site, this is a more specialist service.  We can guide you on your marketing strategy and the various e commerce options via our consultancy services.

I have a website already, can you help with updates?

Yes, we can help with updates.  We can offer a one-off service each year to check technical aspects of your website, as performance on the search engines is driven by technical aspects of your site.

We explain exactly what we are doing in laymen’s terms.  We issue a pdf guide for you to explain the terminology that relates to the more technical aspects of your SEO, so that we are transparent in the work that we are carrying out for you.

Is your freelance telesales service on a commission only basis?

No, our telesales service is not commission only, we operate a flat rate of £100 per day for outbound calling with commission negotiable depending on outcome being lead generation or sale completed.

Do you manage social media accounts?

We believe that where possible businesses should operate their own social media accounts to give a fully responsive service to their customers.  We can however help you put together a social media strategy via our consultancy services or write content for you through our content writing services

I would like to outsource our blog writing to you, would you be able to blog about content that is technical and specific to our sector?

We have worked with many businesses across many sectors over the years.  To offer a comprehensive blogging service we would utilise multiple resources and reference material from your industry.  For extra technical content there may need to be more closer liaison with you before finalising copy.

Do you operate evenings or weekends?

We generally operate Monday-Friday 8am-4pm, however we can be flexible to meet your business needs if required.

Do you offer SEO services?

We can offer a range of Search Engine Optimisation services

  • Set up of your online channels, such as Google My Business, Facebook Business, Instagram and will include keyword research.
  • Writing content is the cornerstone of any organic SEO but this takes time to perform and is achieved via blogging and keeping your social media active. We offer a content writing service which includes keyword research.
  • Citations is building up external links via careful entry onto various reputable directories, we can manage this on your behalf.
  • Paid advertising is most effective via Facebook and Instagram and is a shorter term solution to online visibility, we offer training on this.

What are the advantages of working with you on a consultancy basis?

When establishing a business, it is always a challenge.  Even if you are bootstrapping, at some point you will need to put time aside to plan the next phase of development. Taking time away from your business and working with an objective mentor allows you to gain real clarity and focus on your business.  Are you on target to meet your original objectives or have they changed totally given client demand?

There are three stages of building an enterprise, pre-start, test trade and establishing.  The test trading phase is the first 12-18 months and it is at this point where key decisions need to be made, particularly if looking to scale.

2 working days is the advised investment of time to take to work with us.  This enables you to complete tasks that you may otherwise have procrastinated on when working alone; such as cash flow forecasting or devising a marketing plan.  Our consultancy is very productive, as we work alongside you to devise and implement strategies, whilst training you in elements of your operations you may be unsure of, such as setting up online collateral. The overall benefit you will gain is focus and confidence.

Consultancy is flexible and the first hour is free to allow both parties to outline needs and expectations and devise an action plan of assistance.   If more time is required this can be negotiated at a retainer rate.

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