Website Design

Web Design

Having a website is still important even though there are many platforms through which to promote your brand. Positive Sales and Marketing provide a fast and affordable website design service.

Why are websites important?

Websites are where your potential clients will go to build a picture of what you offer and whether your values and ethics mirror theirs. They allow you to build direct relationships with clients and gives a lot more autonomy over content and SEO than relying on social channels or third party booking sites.

Positive Sales and Marketing specialise in supporting businesses within the hospitality industry to build their own dedicated website that incorporates booking features if required. We regularly work with hotels, guest houses, pubs, self catering accommodation providers and restaurants. However, we are happy to create professional brochure websites for any small business. We can even help set up small e commerce sites for crafters and makers.

We also have a content writing service should this be required, this would be charged in addition to the cost of the website design service.

Website Design Explained

Our prices are affordable and realistic. We have been saddened to hear that some of our clients have been charged a fee to build the website and then recharged that fee every year thereafter to keep the site live.

We are open and transparent in our pricing policy. Therefore below is an explanation of what work goes into a website, what peripheral services are needed and how much they cost and which fees are one off and which are annual.

There are three aspects to getting online

Web Build – This involves the design, structure and functionality of a website. Positive Sales and Marketing charge a one off fee for this and will not invoice an annual fee for the website itself

Domain Name and Hosting – You will need a domain name and a hosting package. Your domain name is usually your business name and can be free if bought with a hosting package. On its own it would cost you around £30 per year. Hosting is the space on a server that you rent each year for your website to be housed on and all of its data. Domains and hosting are purchased through third party providers and do need renewing each year. We can arrange the purchase of your domain name and hosting package through our own providers, and we don’t add any mark-up over what they would charge to us which is usually £80 pa. Alternatively you can organise your own.

Security Certificate – all websites are now required to have an SSL Certificate or more commonly known as a security certificate. Search Engines penalise sites that don’t have them. If you aren’t e commerce, i.e. you aren’t taking money through your website, you DO still need one. These cost around £50 pa.

Website Maintenance

Technical Submission and updates – websites need to be submitted to the Search Engines and the websites themselves need regular technical updates to fix bugs and keep them optimised. We can carry these out for you at no extra charge. Any further technical support would be charged for at a mutually agreed fee.

In summary to get a website there are up front costs of web build, domain, hosting and security certificate, then annual fees to renew domain, hosting and security certificate to third party providers at cost.

If you already have a WordPress or Wix website and need assistance with updates, hosting issues or alterations, we offer an affordable, transparent pay as you go option.

Don’t be confused by website technical hitches let us take the strain.  Contact us now to discuss how we can be of service.

To see the questions we get asked most frequently about websites visit our FAQs Page.

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