Small Business Courses Online

Small Business Courses Online

We pride ourselves on running small business courses online that offer every day tips and insights to small medium enterprises. Whether its financial planning and analysis or marketing strategy or mastering the online world for communicating with your customers, we offer extensive learning opportunities.

We have many years’ experience of mentoring and supporting small businesses so our courses are jargon free and accessible to all, no matter what stage your business is at. Educating yourself on finance and marketing gives you business skills for life and will save you endless amounts of time and wasted money in the longer term. Why? Because it is crucial you understand what pain points to avoid when trading and learning to sit down and carry out your financial forecasting allows you to operate in a more lean and strategic way. Knowing how to analyse your businesses performance will enable you to make key business decisions such as managing stock, staff and setting advertising budgets and targets.

Most businesses struggle with their marketing strategies, feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of offline and online channels that are available for promotion and not knowing where is best to spend budgets. We deliver courses in strategic planning that foster the mindset needed to write effective copy and also educate businesses on what they can do in the online world without breaking the bank. Time is also another factor that businesses find challenging particularly when it comes to social media, we teach you how to build your promotion into your daily routine rather than it dominating your schedule.

Popular courses include

  • Financial forecasting and analysis – £99
  • Marketing strategy – £99
  • Developing your online presence – £99
  • Digital marketing for the hospitality industry – £199

We are currently delivering our small business courses online through Zoom. If you are interested please fill out our expression of interest form and we will get back to you with details of our latest schedules and how to book.

We are happy to deliver physical workshops to small groups through local businesses, councils, chambers of commerce etc once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.




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