29 Top Instagram Tips 2021

29 Top Instagram Tips 2021

29 Top Instagram Tips 2021

Instagram is undergoing radical change. In 2020 more and more features were added including Reels. Its aim is to become more of an e-commerce social platform that can be tied into third party sites such as Shopify. It is quite hard to keep abreast of all the features and how to keep hold of followers organically. Here are 29 Top Instagram Tips for 2021.


How to Boost Organic Reach

  1. Using Hashtags – you can use up to 30 but the average is 15-20 using a variety of hashtags topics. Don’t necessarily choose the most popular include some that are specific to your sector, some that may be local or geo tag, some that are specific to your products.
  2. Hashtags can be used in the caption or comment box, algorithms don’t prioritise
  3. Get ready for the move over to keywords coming this year, hashtags will start to become less relevant

Instagram stories

  1. The opposite to hashtags – use popular topics this gives more chance of being seen
  2. Use stickers in your stories or the text box to manually type your captions
  3. Underline text to make it clickable

Increase chances of engagement with your posts

  1. Algorithms don’t prioritise video over image as you may expect, although the carousels of 10 images or more appear more regularly in feeds
  2. When posting images think colour spectrums, what colours engage the best?
  3. Put people in your images this makes posts more relatable
  4. With images use different angles don’t always take from same spot or of same subjects
  5. As with any other platform AIDA is important – particularly the first line of your captions, incorporate capitals, emojis and hashtags
  6. Be more involved with your own feed, remember to chat to others and like and comment on other posts
  7. Don’t put logos all over images and stories

Where to post links

  1. IGTV allows links in the Call to Action
  2. Direct messages will take links
  3. If you link your story to an IGTV video this will enable you to put links in if you have below 10k followers
  4. DM me stickers encourage direct messaging for links
  5. Link in Bio – the most popular method
  6. Make use of landing pages

Reels – short form video up to 15 seconds long

  1. Can use multiple shots or one take and is a mobile only feature
  2. Swipe right from the home screen to activate Reels camera
  3. The icons on the left allow you to shoot, add features before a shoot, activate speed, add effects and use timer for hands free shooting
  4. Cannot use music over reels if you have a business profile, but can add in stickers and text
  5. Can share reels to stories as well, but do this first as once it’s posted to reels, it can’t later be added to a story
  6. Pick a cover image that will attract viewers to click on the reel (like a book cover)
  7. You have 2200 characters to write a caption and 30 hashtags = there is no warning if you exceed these limits and you won’t know – your post will not be published
  8. You can share or save as draft once finished film and edit
  9. Insights on reels are only basic likes and shares, not very detailed
  10. Reels lend themselves to short tutorials, behind the scenes, meet staff, customer testimonials, daily updates, news, new products coming soon, highlighting special offers


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