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Digital Marketing During Lockdown - Positive Wigan's Guide To Online Visibility

Digital Marketing Guide Wigan

Digital Marketing During Lockdown – Positive Wigan’s Guide To Online Visibility


How the Positive Wigan Directory will help boost visibility for local businesses and artists.


Guide To Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is still a mystery for a lot of small businesses.  It is one of those parts of being a business owner that can be confusing and perplexing.  After all you have a trade and customers to serve, taking time out to learn the intricacies of Facebook or Instagram can be a drag, especially for those of us of a certain age.


Here is a quick guide to managing your online presence and how our Wigan Directory will boost your visibility.


If you are keen to get found online by potential customers searching for your product or service, you are at the mercy of the search engines, namely Google and Bing.  Google recognised a few years ago that the main search queries are for local goods and services and therefore gave their own platforms a major overhaul to make search more relevant for customers.

What Google’s algorithms now look for is relevance and authority. In laymen’s terms this means are you relevant to your local audience and have you got enough of a presence online to convince Google that you are an established local business that gives a good service?  The data that is used to determine this includes; content on your website – especially blogs, proactively using your social media profile with educational and informative articles, a complete and well used Google My Business listing, reviews and links to high quality websites that are local, such as other businesses, local newspapers, local organisations and local directories.


How Local Directories Contribute To Your Online Visibility


The technical term for the tactic of building up your profile via directories is known as citations.  In day to day lingo this means it’s beneficial to make sure, over time, that your business has an entry on a significant number of high-quality online directories, much like any business worth their salt used to advertise in Yellow Pages.

Not all directories are deemed of good quality by Google and therefore listing your business on any old site would not be a good idea.  Here is a list of the top 32 directories that the UK recognise as high quality.  In addition to those, it is advisable to utilise links to sites that have content that is a) local and b) sector specific.  For example, a hair salon in Wigan is best to have a listing on a Wigan based directory and a sector based one, such as Treatwell.

Positive Wigan is continually updated with local content to ensure that it is a credible local resource, including reviews on events and gigs, helpful guides, community radio broadcasts and interviews.  There is also another exciting service due to be launched over the coming months.

Although Google My Business is now a dominant platform for local businesses to advertise on, it has a lot of limitations and is very restricted and heavily controlled by Google, with regular reports of photos being removed, posts only lasting a few days and no real visibility for products and services to be displayed for those searching on a desktop or laptop.  Your business listing can also be deleted by them without explanation and customers can only leave you a review if they are logged into Google.


Our Wigan Directory is a highly interactive platform that allows up to 20 pictures to be showcased, reviews can be left without the need for your clients to have a gmail account, video can be uploaded, as well as menus and event fliers.  You have full control over your listing, and we will make sure it is optimised for the search engines.

The Wigan Directory is popular with pubs and restaurants that may not have their own website due to being part of a chain such as Punch Taverns.  It is also a good stand in for any local business that has not yet committed to or needs a dedicated website.


In summary, for a local business to have a strong, organic (not paid ads) presence online, which allows higher performance, follow these basic steps:

  • Claim your Google My Business listing
  • If you have a website make sure it adheres to technical SEO standards – privacy policy, copyright, security certificate, secure payment gateway, easy to navigate, strong regularly updated content
  • Social media profiles should be fully completed, informative (not a hard sell) and updated regularly
  • Strong internal links to your own blogs
  • Strong external links to high quality sites, such as local businesses, directories, newspapers
  • Reviews that are authentic
  • Testimonials

Marketing During Lockdown


Your business may have had to close due to the Covid-19 crisis, which has no doubt meant your focus has been on your premises, staff and customers and how to stay afloat over the coming weeks.

One of the strong messages offered throughout GM is treat it as business as usual.  Your customers have not stopped wanting your products or services, they have been forced to stop accessing them, there is a difference.

Your clients are no doubt just as frustrated as you are at not being able to be access you right now, so will probably love to hear from you and know that you are planning to return in a blaze of glory at the end of Lockdown.

There will be a very large party and huge influx of demand once Lockdown ends, so be prepared, start taking orders and bookings now, keep on advertising and most importantly – stay positive!


How Positive Wigan Can Help You Get Ready

Here are the services that we offer:-


Finding a company that you can trust to manage your online presence can be a minefield.  Andrew is well known and trusted across Wigan, mainly for his love of music, but he is very experienced in sales and marketing, so enquire now about


  • Listing onto the Wigan Directory (For those who take an enhanced listing, there is also a free article written about your business, on a topic of your choice, which is then published on our blog page)
  • Freelance telesales for a fixed rate
  • Content writing for websites, blogs and social media,
  • Profile entries for local artists for a flat fee per year, let venues book you directly with no commission taken
  • Website building and maintenance (WordPress)
  • Guidance on Facebook advertising
  • Set up of Google My Business profile and Facebook business page

We are putting on a special offer during the Covid-19 crisis – an enhanced listing with free blog for the price of our basic listing. 


To take advantage of this please call Andrew now on 07850 985187

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