Landing Pages for Small Businesses Explained

Landing Pages for Small Businesses

Landing pages for small businesses, what are they? You will have interacted with these many times when looking for information on products or services. Big brands use them as standard. Here are some examples.


Independent Landing Page for subscription


Landing Pages Explained
The Independent Landing Page



Mark Manson Author


Landing Pages Explained
Mark Manson Landing Page



Woolrunners Product Landing Page


Landing Pages Explained
Wool Runners Landing Page – Shop Now



Using Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great way to build an email list. In the advent of GDPR customers are more reluctant to share email addresses and they are harder to collect.

If you run paid adverts on Facebook or Instagram or have a blog that talks around a certain service, you may generate interest and people may want to know more. At this stage they are seeking information but may not necessarily want to contact you. Offering some useful information or tips, or offering a free trial is a great way to get prospects to engage with the only risk to them of supplying an email address. They are looking for you to earn their trust. Having effective Calls To Action (CTA) on your social posts, print and digital adverts will help drive traffic to a landing page.

Having a landing page allows them to go directly to the product or service you have advertised or written about and allows them to dip their toe in the water by getting a free sample, trial or report that they would find useful.


Where are landing pages housed?

For those with a website you can put a landing page on your site by using either your web builder if they offer that as a feature. For WordPress and other sites you may want to check out third party options.

Knowing which one to use will be determined by your technical knowledge and budget. Read this article to find out the latest best options.

Wix, Weebly and Site123 are good if you don’t have a website and want a landing page to promote certain products and services and want to generate leads.


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