15 Tips to Grow Your Facebook Audience

15 Tips to Grow Your Facebook

15 Tips to Grow Your Facebook Audience 2021


How to grow your Facebook audience organically is the main challenge a lot of small businesses face. In recent years those who follow your page are not guaranteed to see your posts, unless they interact regularly with your content. Facebook has become less about businesses and more about community over the last couple of years.  Therfore, posts that appear in people’s feed need to have a social and community element. Our 15 tips on how grow your Facebook audience will help buck that trend.

More and more small businesses now have to rely on paid adverts to grow their brand awareness and grow their followers. This is not unrealistic, after all advertising should be paid for and small businesses should have a budget for this. But a mixed strategy of organic and paid is still the ideal.

Quality content and engagement are key. Good posts that enthuse audiences and add value are what the algorithms love.


15 Tips to Boost Organic Reach

  1. Less is more – focus on high quality content posted less frequently – once per day is enough
  2. Build community – Start a Facebook group or host regular Facebook lives
  3. Facebook Watch Parties – the best way to get user engagement and comments
  4. Make 2/3 of your posts video
  5. Boost popular posts through paid ads
  6. Signpost users from your other online channels – website, Twitter, Blog
  7. Use blog posts to signpost users to Facebook to discuss topics or answer questions, put questions related to blog posts on Facebook
  8. Host regular Q&A sessions – ideally through FB live or on page
  9. Encourage customers to supply video testimonials and post them to your page
  10. Photo posts have higher engagement
  11. The majority of your content should be informational and educational not a hard sell
  12. Engage with your audience, start conversations, ask questions, ask for them to post content related to a topic or project – social media is ‘social’
  13. Avoid posting links that will take users away from Facebook
  14. Don’t use phrases such as please ‘like’ or ‘share’ or ‘comment’ as this is seen as spamming by FB
  15. Show not tell – demonstrate why you are the best


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